Soquili Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) that helps rescue horses heal…

Neglect, abuse or mistreatment, are the cause of physical problems that make it difficult for a horse to be rehomed.

As a result, these horses often end up in rescues because of the way that they’ve been treated by humans.

But they need more than food, water and shelter.

They need special care that will help them heal and get back on their “hoofs” again.

Since muscles don’t show up on xrays, this area is often overlooked and not properly addressed.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy helps the muscles heal; so that pain, stiffness and wasting of muscles due to neglect is treated.

This allows horses to get moving again, and helps them get adopted into a loving home.

Your support and donations show that people care enough to help undo the damage that’s been done by others.

Our services are mobile in Arizona, and are available to rescues and others. But sponsorship is needed to get the work done.

To learn more, contact Kathleen at (480) 688-3924, or click below and securely input the amount you choose to donate.

Your support now helps animals that cannot help themselves.