Soquili Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) that helps women heal emotionally and rebuild their trust and confidence after the affects of emotional abuse or domestic violence. Our mascot is “Duff the wonder goat”. 

Often times the women that we help are not only emotionally drained but financially drained as well. They may be fleeing someone or are in a circumstance where they can’t afford the programs that we provide.

Donations and grants support classes that help women de-stress, build confidence and get clear on their direction in life, in addition to public speaking on recognizing abuse and abuse prevention.

We are located in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

This non-profit is managed by Kathleen Nightingale, who helps women build confidence, heal the past and get clear on the next phase of  their life.

Soquili Sanctuary needs YOUR help to cover the guidance offered to women (including informative Meetups, workshops and speaking on abuse awareness.) Please donate below. 

“I am feeling more focused and happier, many thanks to you. I am less worried and anxious, and taking one day at a time, while trying to get out in nature more for it relaxes me most. It feels like a gentle progression, it took a few days for everything to sink in after I left my retreat, and slowly, I’m changing my thought patterns and behavior.  Your book has helped too.” Laurie Smith