Soquili Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) charity.

Soquili is the Cherokee word for “horse”, and we live near beautiful Prescott, Arizona, where our animals and us will help you heal: Mind, body and soul.

Mission Statement

The mission of Soquili Sanctuary is to improve the quality of life of those using the service through two key interventions:
  1. Engagement and communication with horses, goats and other animals that reside on the sanctuary.
  2. The provision of hypnotherapy and life coaching to aid with emotional healing.
Clients who use the service will find alleviation in their suffering and healing from within. They will be living with the affects of past trauma, or Neurological and/or NeuroCognitive disorders.

Kathleen Nightingale is an intuitive life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. Check out Kathleen’s DARE program, Read Kathleen’s story here.

Dr. Daniel Nightingale is a dementia specialist and clinical hypnotherapist who helps people to “live well” with dementia through his unique approach.

His book “A Clinician’s Guide to Non-Pharmacological Dementia Therapies” will be released in 2019.  Dr. Dan also helps people who are living with a neurological disorder; with stress relief, emotional healing and living the best life possible.

We love every one of the animals at Soquili Sanctuary, and look forward to having you connect with them as part of your mind-body wellness. Meet the horses and goats here.